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This EP is a declaration of love and heartbreak, with sometimes just one line separating the two. It showcases the highs and lows of love and relationships and just how desperate you can seem within one.

But before we get into that, let's get to know the artists and learn how someone from Louisiana, USA, and someone from Nottingham, UK, ended up collaborating. 

Cee Ryda born in Louisiana, USA fell in love with soft soulful beats and loved the way a beat could just paint a picture on a blank canvas early on in life and decided to create his own art to these beats.

After falling in and out of love with music over the years he decided to give it his all in 2020 and hasn't taken a day off since.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Juice WRLD and Toosii he lays his heart and vulnerability on each track he graces us with, opening up about his true feelings on love and heartbreak in many songs.

His ability to turn a negative into a positive shows with his battle with insomnia being turned into a challenge he made himself where he uses every hour he's awake to create a new song on instagram live, calling it his ‘1 hour song challenge’ and has made some of his best songs to date within this time.

It's on these instagram lives where he would cross paths with Homegrown ASBO, on an influencer known as Jelly Doughnut’s lives where the two individuals would both go to showcase their new music to a wider audience.

Homegrown ASBO is a Nottingham based artist who fell in love with hip hop at an early age and is quoted saying he was writing rhymes at aged 11 performing them to his mirror in his bedroom and releasing his troubles through rap. Deeply influenced by the likes of Tupac, Jay Z and Kano it's very clear that Homegrown ASBO likes to get the message across and that plays a part in his loud mouth and proud opinions that have been known to get him in to rap beefs forcing him to spar with fellow emcees.

Beginning as fellow Jelly Gang viewers displaying their music, ASBO and Cee Ryda eventually grew close, and they soon went on to collaborate on numerous songs.  Both impressed by each other's work rate they work well together making incredible songs, that would go on to be fan favourites, in a matter of hours.


Before I get into the breakdown of the EP, let me briefly discuss the cover art. To the majority, it appears to be just a broken heart, and its simplicity is nothing to shy away from, however the two chose this piece of art because of the deeper meaning to the broken heart.

The artwork serves as a reminder that nobody is flawless, and that no matter how traumatising and damaging a relationship or a loss of love can leave you, you can always pick yourself back up and show the world your beauty once more, scars and flaws proudly displayed. 

It should be noted that the reflected nature of the glass fragments emphasises how common it is to reflect on the past and within oneself while in a relationship or fresh out of one.

They chose the word "Misimpression" for the project's title for a number of reasons, one of which is that you frequently find yourself having a false impression of your genuine feelings during the beginning of or inside a relationship. 

The typewriter font also features the word "simp" boldly displayed in the middle of the word, indicating a misimpression of the typewriter on the page but also making the word 'Simp' prominent enough to highlight that these two may be labelled 'simps' for this piece of art and the way they have displayed emotion on these songs but are not shying away from the fact and also showing that, that itself may be a misimpression.

So to start the project off we have the previously released single ‘Love Da Money’ which sets us with a very braggadocious tone with Asbo talking about being with a girl who says she loves him but he could never take her seriously because he is only interested in money. He talks of getting many relations with women and money so why would he jeopardise income for a girl. It shows a lack of maturity when it comes to love and attachments. Cee Ryda has the most quoted lyric with

“I fuck bitches in my spare time, but Im in love with the money baby its grind time”

Yet again following suit with the subject of prioritising money over everything else including love.


Crib has a complete switch of direction with the questioning of how serious the girl is taking this relationship now. Maybe Asbo is talking about the same girl in ‘Love Da Money' but is finally taking her seriously. It talks on doubt that she isn't as serious as she implies with him saying,

“Say I love you, Yeah I bet you do, you said you'd do”

His sarcastic and satire tone here implies he doesn't believe she is interested like she says she is and he is still questioning whether the leap of love is worth it.

He actually implies that he is in love with the girl her saying he is head over heels about her,

“This one's fifty like its 10 to 2 (01:50)”

Ones meaning himself and fifty meaning crazy for the girl.

He also states “whatever lessons and blessings, I'm always here protecting you” implying that even if this relationship ends up being a big lesson, he will always take care of her.

Cee Ryda sets his verse in smoothly with his soulful vocals asking the girl for love back, saying he is in need of it and is trying to gain her attention while getting ignored and the love she once promised him is seemingly distant.

“You done changed my whole life, you done made it so much better”

He is seriously exchanging love towards this female and pleading she stays down for him saying “Baby we gonna die together”


The reminiscing stage with the storytelling values of Homegrown Asbos verse set the scene in a bar drinking and missing her affection whilst her friends remind him that they prefer him over her new man with him agreeing that even in their bad stages she never had it as bad with himself as she does with her new man.

“Even the bad times weren't so bad” he pleads for her to see his reaching arm for her to come back to him and leave the ‘piece of shit’ she is with now.

“Now I'm running all up ya comments an ya likes, tryna send a sign like baby do you want me back”

He doesn't understand why she would move on from what they developed to the guy who mistreats her now.

Cee Ryda lets us know he isn't playing about when it comes to the girl he loves and is willing to take extreme measures if he harms her in any way.

“I got that glock on my left side, cause I know that fuck nigga aint gonna play right”

Letting us know that he is that guy and will go there if needed.

“Don't go, don't go missing”

This is the perfect demonstration of said ‘simp’ behaviour begging her to stay, but is it because he loves her or for her own safety and happiness?


This song is quoted to be Asbos favourite even though he has the least amount of the songs space. It opens up with a beautiful vocal talking about a loved one leaving, is this the girl talked about in ‘Miss You’, with us learning that she said she needed to ‘be free’. Cee Ryda carries on the singing with him saying “Oh you got you someone whos better than me, how he better than me” before really telling her how much she is making a mistake and how much he provided her with and how much he did truly love her and her ‘beautiful eyes’ whilst saying “I hope he can give you the world”

Asbo follows on from Cee Rydas chorus straight away with a question,

“How the fuck he better than me”

He asks “will he stay loyal at the shows if he blows up?”

Saying he will never be as loyal and loving as he was towards her.

Asbos verse is very short and to the point allowing Cee Ryda to control the song and really set the tone with Asbo layering up on the female vocals to sing with her almost as if the girl is talking to him and he is talking to her.

Maybe the girl felt the same frustrations towards him as he did to her but they never saw it from each others perspective and never got it across right therefore there expression of love was simply a ‘misimpression’...

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